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Truvessa hosts events to provide funding and supportive resources for Not for Profit Organizations around the world with a special focus on veterans, children, and animals.

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Mission Statement

Truvessa, LLC helps inventors reach their potential, helps investors improve their bottom line, and helps the world by bringing new products and services forward. Truvessa’s mission is to make the world a better place for our inventors, investors, employees and the world at large. We do this by helping the creatives find the financials to fund their ideas. Our work with the inventor / investment community is to make matches that are profitable for both parties, create new products and services that the world needs and to encourage humanitarian efforts by doing charitable events.

Our Approach

Truvessa is a consortium of solution architects, technology experts and marketing innovators working as one to design custom solutions and business growth services for our clients. By blending technology and creativity we provide one of a kind solution aimed at addressing your specific business challenges. From concept to delivery, we design, develop, implement and provide full life cycle management. During this evolutionary process we assess your current environment, define the desired end-state and based on our gap analysis recommend the appropriate solution, whether that be funding requirements, technical due diligence, business case analysis, marketing/sales plans, Project Management, manufacturing options, etc.

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