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Invest in a Great Idea!

Truvessa knows how important a secure investment plan is, that is why our staff goes through many steps to fulfill an investment plan with an inventor’s development. Our strategy is to arm the investor with all the technical and business knowledge available, as well as educate the investor on current and trending market conditions surrounding a potential investment. Thereby allowing the investor to make an informed decision both prior to and throughout the investment process, making a perfect investment for the investor.

Truvessa’s role is to provide consulting to the financial investment community which includes:

  • Comprehensive competitive analysis, including financial metrics, differentiation and current market conditions.
  • Opportunities include for and not for profit investments, and charitable events that prove corporate social responsibility.
  • Identification of new potential investment opportunities.
  • Technical and business due diligence that allow investors to make informed business decisions aimed at achieving a positive ROI on investments.
  • Management of inventor/investor relations that begin with initial engagement and continue throughout finalization of contracts.
  • Multi model ROI to include repayment of funds as a percentage of sales, royalties, equity stake, or straight principal plus interest.

Think outside the box

“Truvessa worked diligently and persistently at getting a licensing deal for my invention. Through their efforts, my product has been licensed to one of the largest housewares companies in the world. I highly recommend Truvessa!”

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