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The process of technical due diligence is a careful plan in order to gain knowledge of an invention. As an investor, it is understandable to be hesitant on an invention. However, Truvessa takes all measures necessary to ensure you are investing in something that is worth your time and funds. There are 3 stages of due diligence which are the following:

Screening Due Diligence – The 1st stage of due diligence is where all upcoming opportunities are reviewed based on if they can be paired with possible investments.

Business Due Diligence – Stage 2 of the due diligence process involves the opportunity being assigned to a senior member of the fund to review further criteria such as the market potential, the benefits to the customers, and the model of the business.

Legal Due Diligence – The final stage of review involves a lawyer of the fund undergoing a legal review of the opportunity which may involve advisors and references of your choosing.

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